Scheduling & rostering

Our scheduling and rostering tools make it simple for your rostering teams to deliver high-quality matches for your clients while efficiently utilising your workforce. Create matches that meet client care needs and ensure workers arrive prepared and on time for each visit.

Deliver a more efficient and effective service

Empower your rostering team to deliver high-quality care swiftly and efficiently.

See workforce utilisation and availability at a glance

Achieve a birds-eye-view of all your support worker schedules for smarter scheduling and workforce efficiency.

Schedule the right support worker for the job

Schedule the right support worker based on preferences, verifications, distance and availability.

Handle last minute rostering changes like a pro

Fill last minute cancellations swiftly with vacancy filling functionality and intuitive communication tools.

Manage your mobile workforce with confidence

Easily schedule and expense worker travel to, and during visits and ensure visits occurred with automatic time and location tagging.

Effective workforce utilisation

Get a bird's-eye view of your workforce utilisation.

See workers’ daily or weekly schedules and availability from a bird’s-eye view and quickly spot workers that are being underutilised. Schedule smarter by filtering for custom preferences or distance alongside availability. Make compliance reporting easier with one-click exports of shift and availability information for your entire workforce.

Easily account for travel time

Schedule, track and expense travel.

Lookout's inbuilt travel scheduling feature estimates travel times to-and-between visits, and automatically allocates travel time in the schedule view. Support workers can lodge actual travel times and distances against estimates, with variances reported.

Easily set rates for travel to visits, and client transport during visits, with travel expenses automatically calculated at visit checkout and pulled through for simplified billing.

Ensure location compliance and eliminate disputes

Track visit time and location.

Geotagging functionality provides automatic location and time stamping at visit check-in and check-out. Easily compare scheduled vs geotagged visit logs to ensure location compliance and to proactively handle visit disputes, calmly. See significant visit variances at a glance!

Create visits with the click of a button

Create one-off, recurring or vacant visits.

You can define the services required for a visit, the rate, set clear start and end times for once-off or recurring visits and assign a specific support worker or make it vacant until you find the perfect match. Last minute cancellations automatically become vacant opportunities for swift and easy filling.

Schedule the right worker for the job

Flexible scheduling options with inbuilt smart matching.

Assign the right support worker based on factors like visit history, distance, custom filtering and preferences, verifications, utilisation and availability. Choose the workflow that works best for you and manage rosters from a macro down to micro level.

Respect your team's time

Save time with visit rules and bulk editing.

Create and modify schedules swiftly and efficiently with recurring rules and bulk editing tools to cancel, re-assign or modify visits with the click of a button.

Broadcast work opportunities to care staff

Fill vacancies with matched care workers.

When you create a vacant visit, you can share that vacancy as an opportunity to care workers via the app. Lookout will surface and recommend the best support workers to send an opportunity to based on client preferences, distance, availability, skillset and verifications.

Ensure every visit is covered

Live track visit status and history.

Get oversight of every visit from a micro to macro level. Rosters and calendars will indicate whether visits are scheduled, in progress, completed, cancelled, or vacant. You can also track the history log of each visit to know exactly what occured.

Connect the office to the home

Direct support workers remotely.

In-app notifications and alerts enable rostering updates to be communicated in real-time with workers. Care managers can provide directions remotely by attaching a should-know or must-do to a visit to provide important information during a visit. Monitored check-out notes track and ensure high-quality care outcomes.

Organise community events and manage attendees

Intuitive event management.

From managing registrations, to building a multi-day event schedule, Lookout empowers you to orchestrate events within your own customer communities. You can create and manage community events that can be broadcast to the customer facing app where clients can view listings and register their attendance if they’re interested.

An elegant all-in-one rostering and scheduling solution.

Increase profits

with improved workforce utilisation you can unlock the full potential of your business. Lookout will help you scale further and faster.

Increase retention

with greater team performance and quality matching - your clients are sure to receive a better outcome.

Reduce overheads

by managing workforce rostering more effectively, allowing your team to make the best use of their time.

Increase satisfaction

by better meeting your clients’ care needs by surfacing workers that closely match their preferences and criteria.

Discover how Lookout can
transform your care business.

Discover how Lookout can transform your care business.

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Learn how Lookout's scheduling
tools make rostering simple.

Learn how Lookout's scheduling tools make rostering simple.