Attract and retain the best talent

Collaboration made easy

With Lookout, care staff can operate at the top of their licence by getting the right information, to the right people, instantly. This gives them the right information to understand their care recipients to deliver a higher quality of care and service.

Unlock the potential of your team by providing them with the tools to collaborate and communicate effectively – building confidence in their roles, reducing errors and improving retention of great staff. Enhance existing skills and foster confidence in roles to improve performance company-wide.

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Your staff will deliver fantastic care with the Lookout care worker app

Equip your care workers with all the information they need to understand their care recipients and prepare to deliver quality services.

Care workers can view the following information:

  • Detailed health information via the help plan.
  • Key customer information via rich profiles.
  • Roster & upcoming visits.
  • Financial statements & billing.
  • New opportunity alerts.
  • Emergency contacts and escalation tools.
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Coordinate customer service, telehealth and clinical care with teams

Lookout is set up to support multiple important staffing functions, oriented around a customer.

These roles give guidance as to who is responsible for which part of a customer's care or coordination and make it easy for staff to identify whom they should be communicating with.

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Share skills and understanding with care worker profiles

Ensure that your care workers' skills and verifications are both up-to-date and compatible with your customers through our rich care worker profiles and index.

As your care workers use Lookout, the system will record and present reliability and quality of services data. Your customers and staff will also be able to endorse their performance. This allows for quick identification of your most consistent, high-performing care workers.

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Simplify workflows and transparently collaborate on daily tasks

Tickets enable your care and workforce teams to schedule tasks between teams whether it be relating to a member or helper. This functionality enables consistent tracking and prioritisation of tasks. Communication and follow-up actions are centralised on the ticket to maintain a clear line of sight of the job at hand.

Tickets state and progress information can be rolled up into reporting tables or graphs to help your management teams stay on top of their performance and KPIs.

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Allow your staff, customers and care workers to manage visit rosters with ease

Lookout's rostering tool makes setting up recurring services easy with automated recurring visit sequences. If there are any changes to the default time or product of a sequence, the individual instance can be adjusted by the customer, care worker, or your staff. The same process can be used if looking to create a one-off or short, irregular sequence of visits.

Use the workforce administration tool to narrow down suitable care workers that might be available to help fill a vacancy and only broadcast to the best possible candidates. Pre-configure your common services at designated hourly rates that can be easily attached to reusable products for consistently booking visits.

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Join the dots between informal and formal care with collaborative customer notebooks

Key notifications or care updates can be shared by the staff in the customer's notebook. Communication and collaboration with the customers' informal care network is encouraged to build a richer understanding of their needs and ensure that everyone has the information required to make the best decisions for their care outcomes.

Because everything is logged and tracked digitally, information never gets lost between carers, family, or staff and can be accessed at any time on any device.

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Supplier and allied health management

Lookout's marketplace can support the management and verification of your affiliated allied health or consumable goods suppliers. Track required contracts and documentation with alerts for expiration/renewal dates to ensure all paperwork is up-to-date.

Lookout features end-to-end processing tools for capturing customer orders, generating purchase orders to send to third parties, and process invoices received into payment runs. This information is passed through to customer statements ensuring full transparency on the balance of every customer's account.

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Targeted communications

Subscribe your new customers to appropriate customer development programes and cohorts. Utilising our surveys and intercom integration, you can curate targeted, sequential marketing pipelines that help develop these customers towards new opportunities in your business.

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Work with your frontline staff to develop new care opportunities from residents

Provide your frontline staff with access to Lookout to register customers with Lookout and subscribe them to cohorts or surveys tailored to their needs. Directly book visits or follow-ups for these customers as a POS opportunity to grow customers.

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Everything you need to support your finance team

Lookout includes a suite of financial tools that are designed to work with your accounting processes and support managing finances for a care delivery business.

Finance features include:

  • Invoice management and funds reports
  • Funds management 
  • Automated customer statements
  • Bulk custom invoices 
  • Clinician and Supplier Purchase Order management
  • Optional integration with Ezidebit and Xero