A truly customer-focused digital care management system

Remote care monitoring

Remote care monitoring provides unparalleled oversight by detecting changes in a customer’s health and wellbeing, alerting care managers in real-time. This enables care delivery to respond quickly, adjusting care plans and notifying care workers, customers and loved ones.

Using remote care monitoring, Lookout can be utilised to run both home and telehealth care services from a single platform with a unified view of the care needs and history of every customer.

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Peace of mind and transparency for your customers and their loved ones with all their care information in one place

Clients and their nominated trusted loved ones have all information relevant to their care at their fingertips:

  • Relevant assigned team details.
  • Notifications of when care workers have arrived and departed.
  • Latest version of the care plan and details of services for each visit.
  • Visit schedules & matched care worker information.
  • Funding scheme details & financial statements.
  • Shared notes on visits relevant to their care.
  • Health and wellbeing surveys.
  • Devices that are connected.
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Digital and dynamic customer care plans

The dynamic care plan is a living, breathing document designed to evolve with the needs of your clients and ensure that all stakeholders have the information they require to deliver fantastic care all in one, secure digital record.

The dynamic care plan can be updated in real-time by your case managers. Changes are tracked for auditing purposes and then updates are published immediately to the care worker and client app and time-stamped so people can see how current and up to date they are.

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Checking in and out of every visit provides transparency and critical clinical information

Care workers are given directions to the client's home through a google maps integration.

At the check-in screen they are updated of any new tasks the case manager needs them to complete.

Checking in notifies your care teams, customers, authorised representatives and sharers that the care worker has arrived - allowing a customer's network to have full transparency over who is in the home, when.

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Lookout leverages the eyes and ears of your care workers to provide comprehensive oversight in the home

Every visit check-out is prompted for notes, which are then analysed by Lookout's risk stratification algorithm.

The care worker's power of observation is augmented with the Lookout machine learning algorithm to identify risk in real-time. Any concerns are flagged with the case manager immediately to investigate and intervene on the customer's behalf.

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Regularly take the pulse of your customers with surveys

Surveys can be designed to gather trend-based insight into your customer's self-reported health and satisfaction. Surveys can be configured to trigger observations based on benchmarking to alert your clinical staff about critical changes.

Surveys can be answered by clients or their behalf by trusted loved ones utilising the customer app. Results are published on the client’s profile.

Pre-configured surveys include:

  • PREM - The Commonwealth Government’s Customer Experience Survey
  • PROM - EQ5D
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Track customer goals with cohorts

Lookout can group your customers into cohorts to better categorise their needs and improve their wellbeing. Businesses can target interventions to cohorts and statistically measure improvements in the quality of outcomes for customers in that grouping.

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Remotely direct care workers through clear notifications published to the app

Your clinical, rostering or telehealth teams can publish ‘Should Know’s’ and ‘Must Dos’ for upcoming care worker visits to ensure any required actions are not only taken but also confirmed as being completed.

  • Should know's is essential information that a care worker should be aware of before completing a client visit.
  • Must Do's are important tasks that must be completed by a care worker during a client visit.

Response to should know's and must do's are monitored by the risk algorithm and trigger alerts on a Care Manager's dashboard.

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Additional non-intrusive monitoring with pre-configured Lookout connected devices

By integrating with Lookout, connected devices can pass critical information back to a customer's health timeline. This additional information is important for when your staff or care workers are not present in the home. When combined with our other health timeline insights, it assists your care staff to make better support decisions, leading to better health outcomes for customers.

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Manage telehealth consults & record-keeping

Using remote care monitoring, Lookout can be utilised to run both home and telehealth care services from a single platform with a unified view of the care needs and history of every customer.