Planning & rostering

Our planning and rostering tools make it simple for your rostering teams to deliver high quality matches for clients while efficiently utilising support workers. Do more in the one place with industry leading, high quality clinician referrals and remote management functionality at your teams fingertips.

An elegant all-in-one scheduling solution

Create one-off, recurring or vacant visits.

You can define the services required for a visit, the rate, set clear start and end times for once-off or recurring visits and assign a specific support worker or make it vacant until you find the perfect match.

Respect your team's time

Save time with visit rules and bulk editing.

Create and modify schedules swiftly and efficiently with recurring rules and bulk editing tools to cancel, re-assign or modify visits with the click of a button.

Broadcast work opportunities to care staff

Fill vacancies with matched care workers.

When you create a vacant visit, you can share that vacancy as an opportunity to care workers via the app. Lookout will recommend the best support workers to send an opportunity to based on client preferences, distance, availability, skillset and verifications.

Should-knows and must-dos

Direct support workers remotely.

Care managers can provide directions remotely by attaching a should-know or must-do to a visit. Should-knows are essential information which a care worker should be aware of before completing a client visit. A must-do is an important task, request or question which must be responded to by the support worker before they can check-out from the visit.

Your whole network in one place.

Manage suppliers and allied health.

Lookout's marketplace can support the management and verification of your affiliated allied health or consumable goods suppliers. Lookout can generate purchase orders and referrals, process invoices that are reflected in your customer’s monthly statements and account balances, plus keep track of documentation and contract expiry dates.

Organise community events and manage attendees

Intuitive event management.

From managing registrations, to building a multi-day event schedule, Lookout empowers you to orchestrate events within your own customer communities. You can create and manage community events that can be broadcast to the customer facing app where clients can view listings and register their attendance if they’re interested.

Discover how Lookout can
transform your care business.

Discover how Lookout can transform your care business.

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Learn how Lookout's planning
tools make rostering simple.

Learn how Lookout's planning tools make rostering simple.