Lookout is a white label remote care management platform that enables you to plan, deliver, manage, monitor and grow personalised care in the home in an outcomes driven, connected and co-ordinated manner.

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Lookout is designed to meet the challenges of managing a modern home care services business.

Lookout gives your organisation all the tools it needs to:

  • Meet and exceed rising consumer expectations.
  • Deliver a truly consumer directed experience.
  • More efficiently plan and deploy resource.
  • Understand risk and identify clients in most need in real time.
  • Enable the management of a modern care worker workforce.
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Proven In The Field

Lookout has been developed in Australia by Five Good Friends - Australia’s fastest growing and only technology enabled, data driven home care provider.

The Five Good Friends experience of using the Lookout Software has resulted in world class customer and workforce satisfaction levels often exceeding a Net promoter Score of 60 for both clients and workers.

Lookout has:

  • Powered over 600,000 hours of care.
  • Monitors over 65,000 visits to the home each month.
  • The risk algorithm has been trained on 3 years of observational data.
  • Powered Five Good Friends to a top 40 home care provider in just over 2 years.
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Exceptional client outcomes.

Lookout delivers real time insights into the wellbeing of care recipients enabling a more efficient, informed, focused and personalised service. It is designed to get the right information at the right time to the right skilled professional in a connected and co-ordinated manner

With Lookout home care providers can:

  • Augment the skills of your care workforce and leverage observational skills.
  • Identify and categorise the types of risk and observations requiring investigation.
  • Organise clients into cohorts based on acuity or geography and ensure a more focused deployment of resource.
  • Centralise the case management and rostering functions.
  • Provide clients an integrated model of care that leverages services and technology in the home.
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Customer app delivers control and transparency to customers and their family.

Customers and their trusted loved ones are empowered by Lookout.

The customer version of the Lookout App delivers transparency and control providing:

  • Care team information including background, skills and contact details.
  • Visit schedules for up to 3 months in advance.
  • Real time publishing of the client care plan.
  • Billing information.
  • Visit arrival and completion notifications.
  • Delivery and completion of health and wellbeing surveys.
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Care worker app provides all the tools to get the job done.

Equip your care workers with all the information and tools they require to deliver exceptional customer focused care.

The care worker version of Lookout equips them with everything they need to be successful:

  • Client profiles and help plans.
  • Roster & Upcoming Visits.
  • New opportunity alerts.
  • Financial statements & billing.
  • The ability to enter notes and observations about the clients they are providing care to.
  • Guidance and direction from skilled care managers through notifications published directly to the app before each visit.
  • Google map integration to provide clear directions to the clients home.
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